no idea what to do

My husband and I have two kids, a 17 month old and a 6 week old. Both kids were planned. It's been a lot of getting used to having two kids under two but I'm adapting to new family life well. My husband hasn't been hands on what so ever. He puts our toddler yo bed at night but I have to persuade him to most nights or he wouldn't put him to bed until around 10pm which is way too late imo. My husband works 8 hour days 5 days a week at an office job so I look forward to the weekends to have some family time. Well this weekend he took Friday off work and went dirt biking in the desert with his friends so I was alone with the kids until last night. So he came home put my toddler to bed while I put the baby to bed. When both kids were sleeping, we had sex and then he announced he was going to bed at 8pm. I was slightly upset because I wanted to spend some time together but said it was ok if he would get up early with the babies this morning since he has the day off so I could sleep a little longer. Well this morning comes and both babies wake up at 630am and he tells me I need to get up with them because he's exhausted. Not even thinking about md being up all night with our fussy newborn. So I get up thinking he would be up soon so I could take a nap. But no, it's 11am and he's still asleep. How do I make him see that I need a break too sometimes? I'm so exhausted I want to cry.
*EDIT* I have talked to him about this on many occasions and it changes nothing. If he doesn't get to sleep as long as he likes he turns into a dick and is extremely short with me and my toddler. He hasn't once got up at night with our kids and any free time he has on the weekends he plays video games or works on his car, I have to beg him to come to the park with us. And I also can't just go to bed and leave him with the kids because he's straight up told me he'll just sleep in the couch while our toddler runs around so I may as well just get up with them myself because he's sleeping either way