My sister's dog...

Ok long story short. I bought a house for my parents., Hubby baby and I moved in to save more money for our own place. My younger sister is starting college and wanted to save up money to pay for her school. She didn't want to move in bc my mother don't like her dog. He is 2year old pit bull. I told her she should move in and just take good care of the dog. Eventually she moved in and started school but now she works, goes to school and goes out a lot with her friends and doesn't dedicate time to the dog. He spends almost all day locked in the basement. I just told her today to take better care of the dog or I will put him to sleep or call animal control since he is basically in my property. I know it is not the dogs fault that poor dog deserves better. I really don't want to put him to sleep but she won't give him away or take better care of him. His been turning a little agresive since she started school. What should I do? Should I put him to sleep? 😐

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