NIPT Vanishing twin / Triploidy positive

I wanted to share my story. To see if anyone else has had a similar experience.
At 12 weeks 5 days I got a NIPT at the suggestion of my doctor. I'm over 35 so I want to get it to avoid an amino if it wasn't nessissary. I wen in and they took the blood and did an ultra sound. The doctor can in and took a look at the ultrasound and said the baby look good. I felt good that things were looking normal. They told me I should recive the result in about 7 day.
7 days later I didn't recive results so on day 9 I called to see if there was any news. I was starting to get worried that something wasn't right.  They told me they had just recived some of the test back and hadn't heard back about all of them and would look into it and get back to me. 
The following day they called me and told me that the test showed a vanishing twin/ triploidy. The counselor really scared me she told me that there was no evidence of a vanishing twin so it was likely my baby had triploidy and I should come in for an amino to confirm. I then asked her why she didn't think it was triploidy? And she said there was no evidence of a twin. This scared the sh*t out of me. She then went on to tell me that it was very unlikely that my baby would make it to term.  I was so devisated. I was scared. I told her that I needed to get off the phone and take it all in and I would call her back with questions and schedule the amino.
So after that call I went crazy on the net looking up everything I could find about triploidy/ vanishing twin. I found out that triploidy is extremely rare 1 in 2,000. And if the baby had it it would most likely die before term and if it made it to term it would live long maybe obbligato a few hours.
The other thing I found out is that snp NIPT would give you this positive if you had extra chromosome and that in a study it showed most likely it was do to a multiple pregnancy. This confused me. Why did she assume that it was a triploidy when statistics showed likely hood it was a multiple.
So I called her back to discuss and schedule my follow up. This time I told her  that I went to the emergency 5 days before the test because I woke up in the night bleeding. She again told me that is wasn't a twin and it was most likely triploidy. So I scheduled the test for a week out the soonest I could have a scan and amino. That whole week I was so worried I keep googling triploidy and vanished twin. It just didn't add up. I'm so worried that something is wrong with my baby or I'm going to loose it at any minute. 
So I went for the follow up and still didn't get any clarity. They did another ultrasound and told me the baby look fine. When I asked about the vanishing twin she dismissed it and said she didn't know what I was talking about or ware that came from.
I'm still so confused should I be worried? Is my baby going to be ok?
My Doctor called me and said he is going to talk to the genetics lab and get down to the bottom of it.