Anyone thinking about getting a Brazilian for delivery?!

Okay I'm just gonna lay it out there. I'm pale and have thick brown almost black hair. It's actually a great for my head and facial features to rock the Selena Gomez looks haha but especially with pregnancy my normal problem areas are much more noticeable. I understand everyone is used to a hairy vajayjay but I swear I have never had a hairy butt crack issue like I have since being pregnant. And now that you are all picturing Selena Gomez as an ape I was just wondering if anyone was considering getting a Brazilian or if it's considered safe. Will the cosmetologist work with you on positioning or is it okay to lie on our back that long when we are that large seeing as I would wait until I was full term? And yeah I know I could go into labor before that and I wouldn't care then because I just want a safe and happy baby(: but if everything goes the way of labor at term I'll be having my MIL and SIL in the room. I love them dearly and am very close to them and my SIL is taking pictures for us. I think it would just put me at ease before get a wax(: