Need advice! Braxton hicks or labor?? update in comments

So I feel like an idiot. I should know what contractions feel like(this is my third) but I don't feel like these are contractions. Since lunch I've felt like I've got period like achy cramps in my belly, hips, and lower back. Has gotten stronger through out the day. I've taken it easy all day so I haven't over done it. Drank plenty of fluids. I took a strong antibiotic on Friday for an infection so it can't be a UTI. Baby is moving good. I'm not constipated. Took a warm bath about an hour ago, along with Tylenol. Sitting with my feet up and drinking water now. Hasn't gotten better. My doctor is 2hrs away. I called them-they told me to do all the things I've already done and if it doesn't help to go to the hospital. I need advice!! I really don't want to drive that far for false labor or them to tell me nothing is going on. Help!! What would you do?