Am I being selfish?

So my boyfriend has been out of the army 5 years & he has a mild case of ptsd; he is just now reaching out for help. And well the Doctor he has been seeing is telling him he needs to get some of that adrenaline back into his life; (he was on tour in Iraq). There is an opening on the sheriffs department coming up & my boyfriend has always wanted to work in law enforcement. The only problem is our daughter is due In January. If he was to get hired on they would send him away for four months to complete the academy. I have asked him not to turn in his application & I feel like the worst person ever. I just don't want him to miss her birth or the first four months of her life. I feel like those are crucial times for him to learn how to be a father. He is worried that they won't have any spots available for a very long time after this one is filled.