Room sharing with Baby ~

I've been anxiously putting off moving the baby to her Nursery. She is getting to small for her Bassinet and sometimes we do wish we had our room back so we started by moving her bassinet in to the hallway and then into the Nursery. Last night was gonna be her first night in her crib. I never ever watch the news and for some reason it was on and I over heard an article about SIDS and the extreme decrease if I continue room sharing. Not bed sharing but room sharing. I e-mailed them for the link so I could check their sources myself and sure enough accurate studies have shown SIDS can be reduced by 50% if you keep Baby in your room. Ugh! So frustrating all these changes. Do this do that! I'm a firm believer in it's my Baby my choice but how could I ever not choose to prevent the risk of SIDS up to 50%. Guess I get to keep my roomie for a bit longer!