I have chronic line eyes

Hi ladies. I have chronic line eyes so I'm posting this to get some help. I am 5 days late although that doesn't mean much as my periods have been super irregular. I also have Crohn's disease so the fact that I'm having stomach cramps and feel like crap is nothing new. Anyways after work today I decided to test as I was  irritated at the fact AF hadn't arrived and got this. I feel like I see a line. It is faint but I think I see one. However, I showed my husband and he is telling me I have line eyes and in any light he looks at it there is no line. So any thoughts would be appreciated. I think I am going to retest with something other than a dollar store test but If I'm having line eyes I don't want to waste my money as I went through like 20 tests last month haha thank you!