Really need some help


Okay,sorry this is long.

Long story short, we moved to a different state and had to switch doctors and insurances. Because of the timing of the move, I haven't been in to see a doctor for over a month. I won't be able to go into see a doctor for 2-3 more weeks because of insurance issues.

I have been told to go to the ER or Urgent care to just get a quick check up, because when I miscarried my first pregnancy, my body had no idea, and held onto the fetus until we went to the doctor. (Almost 3 weeks).

I don't want to be one of those people who takes up space in ER or Urgent for those in need. But I haven't been into a doctor in a while, and I am not trying to go in just cause I'm impatient.

What do you ladies think I should do?