Sex with a Bad Boy Gone Wrong 🙄😈

There's this guy that I kinda like.... but it's more of a sexual relationship. Obviously I like him enough to want to have sex with him, but I don't want a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with him. I hate dating and don't plan on doing it again for a while. (Keep in mind I am a High School Junior and he just graduated last year, so this is a teenage relationship kinda thing). We hung out about a month ago and had MIND BLOWING sex. I want to keep having sex with him because I want a consistent "sex buddy" and don't wanna b sleeping around. He seemed like he sorta wanted the same thing and he would give it right back to me when I would try talking to him sexually and stuff. We had plans to hangout after I got outta school Friday but last minute he ended up already having plans with his mom and forgot. I got kinda upset because I shaved all over the night before, I was horny, and I was REALLY looking forward to this. He said he would try and finish up with his mom in time to still hangout with me and I was kinda stuck after school until the football game. I told him to message me when he knew if he was ganna make it in time or not and he never did. I messaged him later about never texting me and he opened it but never responded. We haven't talked since but he keeps looking at my snapchat story, liking all of my posts, and I feel like he's posting things that he knows will stand out to me and he wants me to see. I feel like he was ignoring me cause he thought I was being clingy and getting attached but really all I want is a "sex buddy". I was ganna talk to him about that Friday but we never hung out 😞. Idk if I should message him and talk to him about it or wait for him to message me. It hasn't even been a week since we talked last though and I feel like if I wait for him to text it will be a looooong time. Even if he does text soon.... what do I say? Do I act upset? Passive aggressive? Mean? Nice? Or try and b sexual with him from the 1st response I send? Please let me know what to do. He's got sorta that bad boy, lots of charm, but not genuinely care about people kinda personality.