This has nothing to do with sex and idk if anyone has advice but i just really need to get this off my shoulders, i have been talking to this guy and when i say hes the nicest guy treats me like a complete princess which is awesome but at the same time i have mixed feelings and dont know if i want to be with him bc it is just overwhelming with how sweet he is and i have been heartbroken by too many guys that idk if maybe im not jumping into this bc im scared and also we had a couple dates and first kiss wasnt bad but the seconfd kiss was god awefull that it was so bad i couldnt kiss him on the 3rd date and idk what to do? Like see how another date goes and with the kissing bc i love to kiss and stuff so if thekisses are always bad then i cant, im just so stuck bc im doubting If i have feelings for him  but he is just soooo sweet the defintition of a good guy so i dont want to lead him on