12 weeks, food aversions

I've been having food aversions and nausea since week six. It's not horrible so I can't complain too much but I'm worried I'm still not eating enough or enough of the right foods. Meat and vegetables haven't tasted good but I've been trying to eat them when I can. What have your diets been like lately? Do you feel like your getting enough nutrients? Today I had peanut butter toast and a banana for breakfast. Then black beans with salad, red pepper, fresh salsa and chips for lunch. Yogurt with nuts for a snack. Some Halloween candy. Then bland pasta with butter for dinner. I know it doesn't sound horrible but I'm worried about not getting enough protein, I feel faint like I might be starting to get anemic. Do you think I should be worried? I just want to keep baby and myself healthy but I feel like I can't eat my best right now.  Starting to make me feel guilty. 😕