I'm depressed and my boyfriend isn't handling it well

So I’m going through a whole lot of really awful stuff right now, and it’s really a lot to handle. My boyfriend and I are long distance (2 hours) and have been together on and off for 3 years. I finally broke down and texted him how depressed I was feeling, and how I was feeling slightly suicidal. He took 7 hours to reply (even though he wasn’t busy) and didn’t really say much to help me at all. He didn’t respond for another few hours and then at night, when he was in bed he texted me a bit and told me to tell my parents etc. He always calls me at night but hasn’t for the past 2 days, it’s like he doesn’t care. He told me he was sorry but he was going to sleep and that I shouldn’t do anything stupid. I have not heard from him since last night and it's now 8 pm, he hasn’t texted me to check up on me or called me to see how I was feeling. He never goes a day without texting me. I would’ve even appreciated a quick I love you text so I know he cares but nothing. Meanwhile, my best friend (who I also told) basically dropped everything to comfort me and has been texting me a lot to check up on me and trying to cheer me up. I thought my boyfriend of 3 years would be equally concerned but I guess not. This is making me even more upset because I’m starting to think he doesn’t care, I really thought I could rely on him. What should I do..?