Am I Over Reacting?

Today's my SO birthday we had planned to go out to eat and then to an adult arcade cause I'm 36 weeks I can't do much but I was excited to spend some time with him being that he works from 5pm to about 2am, doesn't get home till about 3am then he doesn't get up to about 12pm he eats, showers and leaves with our dog to see his friends then will come by the house before he leaves to work to drop off the dog. the only hours he has off are 630pm- 9pm mon-weds which are the day and times I'm in school so he stays with my first born. Back to the point, he took the day off so we could spend it together, I went out of my way to find a baby sitter everything was set up and around 230pm he tells me he was going downstairs to move the car and never came back. I really feel hurt that he left me hanging but my brothers and friends feel like I need to left him live a little because he 26 and works all the time. And I feel like I worked and went to school till I hit 30 weeks i stopped working but contuine school so just thinking we finally would have some time together had me excited but didnt turn out like that, we could have canceled one of our plans so he could have had time with his friends but not just leave me hanging.

Sorry for my rant but I feel like having a breakdown.