Hi I'm 18 and I'm on the depo shot for Bc and I've been having a really sharp pain in my lower stomach for the past week now and yes I've been having unprotected sex with my fiancé and yes he has cam inside of me a few times. I normally don't get my period with this Bc but Wednesday I had CRAZY pains and started bleeding lightly.. then today being Thursday i started to bleed more with worse pains. I got home from work went to pee and this thing came out of my vagina. I took it out of the toilet and it was hardish but soft at the same time. It was white clear and red.. had a tail on one end and a tail on the other. I'm freaking out and have no idea what's going on.. what came out of me and why are there's pains so bad!! PLEASE HELP!!!

I'm freaking out crying right now PLEASE response quickly!!😭💋