We can't cum??

Erin • 🌸pocketwatchesandtea.tumblr.com🌸

So, my boyfriend and I can't cum when we do sexual things together!

I get nervous when people are watching and like mentally I experience orgasm-like euphoria, but my body doesn't get that shiver or anything like when I do it myself.

He is super anxious about losing his erection because that happens frequently, and even though I've made him cum twice in the past, he can't anymore no matter what I do.

On top of that, because of his anxiety, he keeps deflating, even when he's inside me, so he doesn't even get close to cumming when we have intercourse.

We are both super attracted to each other and we love each other, and we really are focusing on the journey rather than the end goal of Orgasm, but it's a bit disheartening for both of us. We want to make the other feel good, and not getting that result can be a bit discouraging.

Advice? Or ideas on how to keep him hard?