Came in to get induced 11/03/2016 at 7a

Jesseca • Love never Fails! 💖 Mother of 2 Girls & My First Babyboy is on his way November 2016
Came in to get induced 11/03/2016 at 7a.m. i got pitocin at 10a.m. then i got my water broken at 12p.m. then had epidural at 3:30p.m. cuz i was in alot of pain & couldnt be a trooper nomore lol. Then had my son at 6:53p.m. it was a easy labor id say, but not so much for delivery it took me alot of work and an hour to push my little man out of me. I had to be cut down there as well for his head to get thro. But i would do it all over again for him. He had some struggles breathing due to cord wrapped around his kneck pretty tight & got some access air in the outter part of his lungs that caused him to be in shock so he had to be x rayed and in Nicu for a while. He is now moved to the L&D nursery being monitored and i get to see him every feeding when i nurse him. He has one more x ray this morning if he has progressed from his lungs he will be bak with me so Prayers! Im so thankful my son is healthy overall despite his lung issue i am so in love with my first boy 💙 God has blessed me. My Baby Marcos. 6lbs 12oz 19in my Guerrito.