brag post!!! I'm so happy!

Lately the husband and I have been going through a rough patch. Both of us are working for doing construction flagging and I take two college classes too. It's so hard on our bodies. We're constantly in pain and tired. We work our butts off for the money we're making. He has surprised me on 3 different occasions and let me get the seasonal victoria secret sweatpants with the snowflakes on them, two of the long sweaters from Victoria secret, with that purchase I got a free water bottle and a set with a perfume, lotion, and another perfume. Plus we bought two mini perfumes. Then a couple days later he says "babe wanna go to marshalls" I said yes not knowing I was getting spoiled. I got 3 cardigans, 2 really pretty sweaters, and some over the knee socks. Yet, another surprise today! Babe, wanna go to look at uggs for you. I was like yeah of course. We couldn't find any I liked enough for the price so we went to Macy's and got coach boots. On sale at that! I'm so happy! Ladies don't you just love being showered with gifts once in a while 😍 show me what your husband or boyfriend or girlfriend gifts you with 😊 PS: were also actively Ttc again. We've tried for three years now. Wish us luck and baby dust!