unpaid maternity leave

I would just like to rant and rave a bit about howed effed up it is that the United fricken States of America does not require employees to be granted paid maternity leave. Yeah okay, you might get lucky and get paid 6 weeks or something, but guess what!! That's only if you're lucky and you have a rare diamond of an employer. But I get paid nothing!! Forces women to work til there due date even if they can't handle and it, and go back way before they should. Because in America, what family can actually afford to only have one parent working? Like none. On top of that my company won't pay out my accrued sick time off that I haven't used if I decided to put my 2 weeks in. I hate my job. I hate the company I work for. I hate the United States. I want to enjoy my new baby without the stress of being broke because I have two other school aged children on top of that to worry about. Load of CRAP!  
That is all.