Ray jay
I started talking to this guy about 6 months ago we meet on vacation and things were great we went back home and messaged everyday FaceTime etc. after a couple months I went to go visit him and the trip was a great week end. 
  He is 35 I'm 23.   He is celibate ( has sex once when he was 17) * IM NOT CEILBATE *
On this trip I seen him naked and he was hard ... his penis is abnormally small.   *huge turn off* he also doesn't know how kiss.  He doesn't even know how to touch me gentle. He is thinking about spending the rest of his life with me and I'm completely turned off by him sexually.  Personality and stability is there but he has nothing to offer me phscially.   Even if I wait for him.  I would have to teach him everything... what should I do ? 
break things off and break his heart 
Or stay know my sex life will be terrible after marriage