the thing that's makes me second guess

Michelle 🇬🇧
Last pregnancy ended in a still born for me at 25+1 and the post mortem said his placenta didn't form right and wasn't mature enough to carry him full term and also he measured 21wks at time of death. So id carried him an extra 4 wks after he'd died inside me. Now keep in mind this was my 4th baby, but first to my OH and I kept saying to ppl ya know, this baby isn't that strong I can only feel kicks if I hold my belly and press a little, then I feel slight movement, but I don't know, I just feel like my belly has dropped and isn't as big as as it should be at 6mths, but i  kept brushing it off and tried not to think about it to much. My placenta was up front and THAT was what I was feeling slight movement from, not him as he had died.... My 20wk scan of him was perfect and he seemed relaxed. I've just had a 20wk scan for this one and he seems great too. But he doesn't move lots either and when I feel my belly and feel movement I second guess myself now that's it's placenta not baby, but I forgot to ask where my placenta is this time. I go crazy daily just waiting for a sign he's alive. I do the lying on my side or back and sometimes use my Doppler if I'm very worried. I can't remember at what point you feel DEFINITE baby movement without feeling for it and know for sure it is baby you felt... Im going crazy I think