Sorry but I need to vent. That's all this is. I live with my parents currently so I can afford to go to college without being a bajiliion dollars in debt. But my parents are hard core Catholics so I still have to do all their religious stuff with them. They'd probably kick me out if they knew I was an atheist or at least treat me shittier. They are abusive to me and all my siblings, but I take the most of it- another reason why I still live there. Anyway at mass today the preist was talking about all the religious persecution poor Christians had endured. He talked about radical Islamites. (Kid you not, Islamites. Not a word, but ok!) Then he went on a rant about how if past Christians had not persevered, we'd still be worshipping the moon at night! What a knee slapper! Seriously how rude. I'm so sick and tired of having to sit through Midwestern priests racist, prejudiced rants about how awful other cultures and religuons are even when they know nothing about them.