Name Help

Jessica • First time mommy, can't wait to meet my little prince due 12/9!!❤️
Ok, so I've been searching for the perfect little puppy to get that will be able to grow up with my son...I am due 12/9 and it is very important to me that he grows up with a dog as I find that it can be really great for kids to grow up with pets!!! So I finally found the puppy I am going to get...she is currently only 3 weeks so I have to wait a little while longer before she can come home which is fine since that give me time to have my son and get us settled....but I can't decide on a name so here are the ideas I've come up with so far....1)Nova 2)Pocahontas 3)Tiger Lilly 4)Pandora 5)Nyx 6)Calypso 7)Leilani 8)Selene....what do you all think?????