Need advice? Belly issue?

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So i woke up this morning, and my belly ring has lasted this long I'm 31 weeks and a day and it feels pretty sore, so I saw that it was alittle red so I took it out, let me remind you i clean that area every morning and night, well it's just really sore between the top hole and bottom where the bar would be, i figured maybe bc my belly is growing everyday, maybe it just that time that I took it out,

I decided I would leave it out all day and just watch it the swelling has gone down a bit and its not infected, but I figured maybe my skin is just irritated from strecthing anyways, just wanted advice and see what yalls opinions were, but I decided to leave it out for now and just watch it, like i said it's not infected and not uncomfortable! So was jw if anyone knows if it's just my stomach strecthing or what lol here is some pics I posted of it!

I use the plastic belly ring if anyone would ask what belly ring i was using, which is funny bc before I got the pregnancy belly ring i was just using a normal belly ring and never had any issues whatsoever, and now that I been using a plastic maternity ring this has happened so figured that info would help? So, another question should I just go back to a normal ring?