I don't know if I should be angry anymore

He is sweet and kind and buys me everything I need. Not everything I want but just what I need. But he has a huge problem with communication. Barely ever talks more than needed. Bare necessities really. But we're in a LDR and we Skype every morning and evening. So today, I have a fever and I told him I wanted to go to bed early. But he HAD to go out. So I had to wait to talk to him. And I did. I waited 3 hours. It was 12.00 am when I texted him and I honestly thought something happened to him and I couldn't even call him since I don't have long distance calls... And he texts me back that he JUST got back and needs a shower. I thought he was dead, I was burning with fever too! And he made me wait 3 hours to talk to him. So I just got mad at him. His response? One sorry, two attempts to call. And one text that says "baby" and that's it. While I am just furious that he didn't care I was sick and needed to get to bed earlier.. And didn't text me on time so I thought he was in an accident or something! His lack of response makes me wonder if I over reacted... Or am I just in a relationship with someone who clearly doesn't care? And btw, this is not the first time he didn't even try to work for an apology. He never does! It's like trying so hard just to feel irrelevant and unimportant.