My Boyfriend

CB • ❤20|05|2016❤

Jeez, you have no idea how much I miss my boyfriend. I literally only see him 1 a fortnight, and that's on a Monday after I finish school. It's his only day off work (he's 16 & I'm 15. He has finished school) We've almost been together for 6months now, and I love him with all my heart. it just sucks that I hardly ever see him:( he's my world🌎 Arghhh, it really really sucks that I can't see him more often!!:( I know it sounds soppy, but when we don't see each other in awhile...when we do see each other it makes each moment more and more special❤ what can I do girls..I mean, ending things is way out of the question... any suggestions on what I could do?

No hate, tah