Ok so I'm trying not to get to wrapped up in negative thoughts or looking for pity. I'm just feeling really overwhelmed. So I'm 27 weeks pregnant. I'm high risk because of a heart condition that I have. At 19 weeks they found a lump on my right breast. At 23 weeks they told me baby's kidneys were dilated.  At 24 weeks the lump was still there so we did a sonogram.  At 25 weeks we had a fetal echo and all was great!!! (Yay!!) not 5 min later I get a call saying I need to have a biopsy done. So this week I have a cardiologist appointment Wednesday, biopsy on Thursday, and a Fetal specialist and OB appointments on Friday. It's just a lot all at once and my hormones are everywhere not to mention I won't find out the results until after thanksgiving. My poor SO just holds me while I try not to break down. I feel like if I give into everything it's going to get worse. Just want my baby to be ok. Sorry just needed to get it out.