Have you and your partner got to the point when you guys don't know what to tall about anymore and just be quiet or repeat the same stuff all over again?

My bf and I love each other very much and sometimes we talk about a lot of things but sometimes we don't do much things. I know that each of us needs some times for our own bit nowadays when I try to talk to him he doesn't seem interesting in it and just answer with some simple words. I talked about it with him and he still answer the same. He said he loves me, but idk I feel strange and uncomfortable. I try everything I can but we still the same. I did things for him and sometimes he doesn't want me to which I'm okay with it. I don't know what to do. I don't want us to be too quiet, or just keep talking about this. I know he has work and school and I respect his time and things, and I don't see him much only in the morning. I want to make him happy and all. Am I over thinking? What do you think I should do? 😢