So Frustrated With Contradictory Information!!

My 3 week baby girl has been struggling with tummy trouble the past couple days. She grunts and moans a lot and just appears to be uncomfortable. I know this is really common, and she part of it is developmental, I want to make sure there's nothing I'm eating that is agitating it. I went online and every major website contradicts the next! One of the top rated sites says that my diet (gasy foods, spicy foods, etc.) Will absolutely not affect her tummy because foods are passed I to milk the same as they're passed i to blood so they don't cause reflux or gas. The other major rated site says the EXACT OPPOSITE. How do I know which is right? I ate a pork chop, and green salad for dinner last night. Nothing gasy. But we were up with her fussing all night. Two nights before I had garlic mashed potatoes and worried, but she was fine. I'd like to believe I can eat what I want, but am afraid I'm going to hurt her! Makes me feel totally defeated and exhausted.