nexplanon removal?

so I've had nexplanon since late March and I had some bad experiences with it but it's all calmed down at this point and I feel sort of normal but I still am easily irritated, I get depressed easy, and my libido comes and goes randomly for weeks at a time. I've gained 20 pounds and it's messed with my self esteem big time. Yes my butt and boobs are the size I've always wanted them, but that also came with unwanted pudge on my stomach. I'm just curious if getting it removed will make me drop the weight or not? Also I'm not sure if I want birth control at all. I've constantly struggled with mood swings and depression and irritability with every birth control I've used and I'm seriously thinking about stopping it altogether. I've heard so many horror stories about birth control and it's always made me feel like shit so I want to cut the unnatural shit out. But I can't have a baby right now. I really don't know what to do..