am I being selfish for feeling lonely?

I had to quit my job because of pregnancy complications, so my boyfriend picked up a second job. He's never home, and I'm so lonely. I spend all day cleaning, and missing him, and I can't wait for him to come home! (We share a car, so I'm pretty much trapped at home all day) I try to stay busy, and keep him happy by keeping the house clean and doing his laundry and doing the dishes. I'm so sad, I don't know if it's just the pregnancy hormones but I just feel like a bother... he comes home and I'm so excited to see him and talk and hangout but he just wants to be left alone. He goes out on the balcony and watches YouTube videos and smokes. (So I can't even go out there and hangout with him) so after all day of dying to see him, I end up just hanging out by myself in the bedroom watching Netflix or something... am I being selfish for feeling this way??? Like I know he's stressed from work and he probably just needs time to rest from work. But today he didn't even come inside all day, he finally came in at 8 to eat dinner and to go to sleep. It sucks. It just sucks.