cat hate

I am so tired of all the cat hate for pregnant women. I have 4 cats and I'm not getting rid of them or not allowing them to sleep with me. Yes, toxoplasmosis is a real problem, but DONT EAT YOUR CATS POOP AND YOU WILL BE FINE! Seriously y'all. In order for my indoor only cats to get infected they would have to go outside; find, hint, kill, and ingest a rodent infected with toxoplasmosis; that cat must then be infected with it; that cat must then poop in the litter box; I then have to eat that poop. My cats are clean, groomed, pampered, and can hardly hunt their toys. But, even on here, I get people saying to rehome my cats. If you rehome your pets because you are misinformed and ignorant to the facts then you never deserved your pet to begin with.