My December baby turned into a November baby

I went to the women's hospital on Halloween day for contractions & found out I had preeclampsia. Had to stay for the 24hr test & had 6x the normal limit of protein in my urine. I was given steroid shots for the babies lungs just in case. After being on magnesium 24 hours I was still having contractions. Day after day my lab work became more abnormal even though my blood pressures were fine. On day 7 in the hospital (Nov. 7) after informing my doctor that I had had a headache for 3 days, he decided to go ahead and induce. My miracle baby came into the world at 7:08PM at 35 weeks 2 days. Weighing 5lb, 12oz & 18inches long. I've been told by numerous doctors and nurses how she is "defying the odds" because she is doing so well. Meet Adleigh June 💜