husband keeps throwing it in my face to switch to formula

I'm getting so upset because my husband keeps saying to just switch to formula with every new problem that comes up with breastfeeding. Though the other day when I mentioned it was the first time I thought about switching and been through a lot.. he brings up that all these babies were poisoned recently in china from formula and all the benefits of breastfeeding. 
He gets so frustrated when there is a new problem with Bfing or I have pain again and man have I had pain.
Thrush is excruciating stinging pain which was the main problem we were dealing with... went to 5 diff gynos and peds and finally found some meds/creams/ointments that help... then another nipple pain started coming back and I just thought it was me going through the adjustment phase again after the thrush because I was pumping too. Nope just discovered now that our baby has a lip tie that easily can cause thrush. 
My husband is just ready to throw in the towel but I'm not. 
How should I talk to my husband? I'm just really down right now