My Labor πŸ’—

Amanda β€’
I was due November 8th but on Halloween morning I woke up at 5am to use the bathroom and I felt about 3 small gushes come into my underwear. I knew I didn't pee myself but I thought to myself wow either my water broke or I have a lot of discharge. So I decided to put a pad on and when I woke up around 6am I walked around the house and did some stretches when a few more gushes came out. It was clear and had no scent so at this point im pretty certain it's my water so we decide to go to the hospital. Mind you at this point I have no pain at all, no contractions nothing. Β When I get to L&D they confirm that my water did break but that I'm not dilated, not effaced and my cervix is still posterior. I was afraid but I knew it was time to have this baby even if my body wasn't ready. They gave me some meds by mouth to start thinning out my cervix this went on for 16 hours and I dilated to a 2. Now it was time for pitocin. The pitocin is suppose to help dilate and get the labor process going. Β I wasn't dilating fast enough so they kept bumping the dose up. At this point I have no pain meds and I feel like I'm going to die from the contractions. The contractions were 30 seconds apart and going off the grid I was in so much pain. My nurse rushed in to lower the pit and that's when I asked for an epidural. She checked me and saw I was at a 3 so I was allowed an epidural (thank god). The epidural was the best thing ever. It allowed me to rest and go to sleep which at that time I progressed to a 7. Once it was time to push I felt so much pressure in my butt it was insane. I felt like I had to push the biggest poop ever lol after 40 hours of labor I was ready to push! The nurse decided to take my temperature right before I start pushing and I had a fever of 102! My doctor walks in and now is concerned because I have a fever about having a vaginal birth. He felt I needed a c-section but I was very honest with him and told him I feel the urge to push her out can I push?! He said ok and allowed me to push for about 20 minutes. My baby is still not here and my doctor starts becoming more concerned Β and talks about the c section but i tell him to give me another 20 minutes if she isn't here than I'll do a c section. I push so extremely hard and sure enough my baby girl comes out!!! I didn't even feel her coming out! I was still pushing when she was out lol I surprised everyone including my doctor. My doctor actually said he was very proud of me. I'm a first time mom so I had no idea what to expect. Having my baby girl has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. At 6lbs and 7 ounces my love Zoey was born November 2nd at 12:36 am. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—
My best advice is 2 things when your pushing make sure your pushing from your anus and focus on pushing and second don't give up on yourself even when everyone doubts you don't doubt yourself your body was made to do this you have to believe in your body β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’—