anyone with a autistic child??

I'm in the search for mummies with autistic children and pregnant.
I have a two and half year old that is on a pathway for a full diagnostis. 
I'm in desperate need of help😢 my daughter is getting worse daily her medication isn't helping in fact making it worse she screams all day screams like she has been beaten i get the worst looks in public, she won't have a shower or bath without a throw down and now won't get into the car without being forced into by two adults and whist driving she tries so hard to escape and screams and screams. I have to take someone shopping with me to help try to control who screaming naughty behaviour. I can't hire a baby sitter because I'm afraid they won't be able to cope and I have no one else I'm so exhausted pregnant already I'm in a ball of mess I feel like I failing my child.. 
is there anything for other mummas they have found helpful I would love to hear.
Sorry for my bad punctuation I'm typing quickly before she sees my phone and wants it hahah