Public Displays of Affection?

So, my man and I met at uni so we have a big group of shared friends which we hang out with a few times a year (when we all get together for a while reunion or whatever). We've just found out that our friends think that we are overly/excessively affectionate toward each other and that they find it uncomfortable hanging out with us due to all of the unnecessary PDA. We were really shocked/embarrassed when we found out as had been completely oblivious to any kind of issue- apparently it's been discussed between the rest of the group "several times". We always felt as though we were being appropriate- we're not talking about full on snogging or anything, just little kisses/hugs/arms round one another every so often but they obviously have a different opinion about what constitutes as 'appropriate'. I am really interested in what you all think about public PDA, especially when hanging with mutual friends? I feel like it's a shame that we can't act naturally and be romantic around one another, but also hate that we would make our friends feel so uncomfortable in our company! Should affection be limited to private situations? Or are they just being miserable?! Would love to hear your thoughts 👭👫💋