Two lives taken for one selfish reason

Woke up this morning to bad news. My husbands cousin, who he is very close to, passed away last night due to a heroin overdose. She was 22 weeks pregnant. We knew she had struggled with pills in the past but neither of us new she was in this deep. When we found out she was pregnant we thought she would clean her act up. She also has a 18 month old little boy and has always been a wonderful mother and person. Many people think drugs problems are only for those who are useless, low life's but she was a wonderful, kind, caring and hardworking person and mother. I feel angry and heartbroken that she selfishly chose this habit over her son and unborn baby girl who's life we will now never get a chance to witness. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and can't imagine doing anything to hurt my child or to take me away from them so soon. I doubt she ever thought it would come to this. I am struggling with this situation emotionally and mentally and am trying my best to stay put together to be there for my husband. I am simply asking for prayers. Not for me or my husband but for her son in hopes that he will grow up a stronger man than she was a woman and for her baby girl in heaven who never got a chance to see this world.