super high bbt during AF

Erica • Momma-to-be in Sept 2019! 🤰🏻
Hi! So I had a super weird cycle during this last one. It lasted 60 days, which is WAY out of the norm for me, even being slightly irregular. I never go over 44 days at the most. My ovulation days vary. I did not temp last cycle to try to take a break, so it is possible I ovulated a lot later than I usually do. Also I'm not quite sure about the flow of AF. I decided to try a cup this cycle and it's never really that full. It is dark brown bleeding with red. I've tried googling this but my temps are SO high, that nothing I am finding is relevant to me. My temp this morning was 98.83! I don't feel feverish. My breasts hurt a lot more than usual. One of my breasts has bright blue veins covering it. I did take a test about a week ago and it was negative. Can anyone give me insight? Thanks for reading.