Thoughts on an ipad for my 2 year olds 3rd birthday?

Britinii β€’ Boy mom. πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ Our 3rd boy due Nov.
No negative or rude comments. Just want to hear if anyone has bought their toddler an ipad this early and if their children can operate it at this age. We won't be having my son a 3rd birthday party because dad will be gone to his new job in Texas and our family lives an hour away so I decided me and him and my parents would take him out to eat, go to a inside bouncy house and buy him one expensive present until Christmas. He loves playing on my phone and knows how to get to and open his Disney jr app to watch cartoons so I was thinking this would be a good gift for him especially during the winter or long rides in the car.