husband heard the heart beat for the first time

Kaitlyn • Married an a mommy of one sweet little boy 💙💙💙
I am currently 16 weeks pregnant. My husband has not been able to go to any of my doctors appointments due to him being in the police academy. It really upsets both him and I that he can't be there  but it's something we are just dealing with. 
The other night he was looking on YouTube and found a couple videos of people using the same app on thier phone and listening to thier babies heart beat. 
I was a little skeptical at first. As I think anyone would be. That and the app was $6. 
We watched about 5 videos of the same app and I told him it was up to him if he wanted to get it.
Immediately he purchased the app. lol 
He tested it on his self first and found his heartbeat. Then I stood up and he knelt down in front of me (im 4 11 and he is about 6 ft) and put it to my belly. 
It took him a little bit to find it. But once he found it he froze. looked up at me and just stared. 
I said that's your babies heart beat. He stood up and hugged me and kissed the top of my head. 
It was the sweetest moment ever! Melted my heart. 
I was so happy he was able to hear it!! 
Sorry for the long story I had to share! ❤️❤️❤️