failed my final drive, but apparently not.

So today I had my VORT test. Which for those who aren't Australian is our final drive to go from our learners to our P's. I was pretty nervous, but I was as prepared as I would ever be. But I failed. I was so upset I cried and I didn't really ask questions but I assumed obviously they would know what they are doing. I understand they have to fail those who aren't safe and make mistakes. That's okay, I can agree with it. But they fucked up with me. I'll insert a picture below, I was in a slip lane, I had to lane change to continue on the route. Well, a truck was coming, unless I sped up or really slowed down I wouldn't have made it. If I did either of those it's an automatic fail. Instead, I decided with my best judgement it give way to them and wait and then go. I only waited ten seconds at most. So not long. Apparently stopping in a slip lane is illegal. I tried to believe them, knowing full well I was never told that before. But oh well right? Anyway, I get home apologise to my mum who paid $250 for this test, explain what happened. She thought it was fucked, as she's stopped and had to have stopped plenty of times before. I talked to my two older sisters, they said the same, my bf said the same. Now I looked at the road rules, you can't stop in slip lanes unless... it listed reasons. Many of which were to give  way to incoming traffic. As you can see in my shitty drawing there was a truck coming. I thought with my best interest and judgement to wait and then go. Once again I was stopped for a max of 10 seconds. But the fishiness of it all doesn't end there. So where I am from as soon as you have failed your vort, they are to direct back to the beginning where you started and then inform you that you have failed. That did not happen. After what I had "failed" I was told to go and do a hill start, which to me would be stupid if he'd known I had failed already. Now I had done most of my vort test, parrell parking, U turn, intersections, roundabouts, I had past of all of that with flying colours being told I did it perfectly and could not improve. Yet here I am with a piece of paper saying I failed. So tomorrow I'm calling higher up and making a complaint even if nothing gets fixed for me hopefully the guy will get looked into and no one else gets unfairly failed.