Don't love kissing my!

If never written this before because I'm scared of the answer I think. I've only ever kissed my husband. I don't love making out. The first time we kissed I was shocked. I always expected fire works and there was none. Sometimes if we're making out like a ton roughly I'll get turned on but just regular making out doesn't turn me out. Like I don't get bored of making out. Before we got married wed make out for hours on end and it was nice but never ever fireworks. I don't believe my husband is a bad kisser because I think we're doing everything right. The sex is incredible and I'm obviously very attracted to him. I think he's incredibly sexy. I'm kinda just hoping that maybe it's possible that my lips aren't as sensitive? Is that a thing? Like if he touched my thigh I could actually explode. But nothing with my lips. Am I missing out??? Is kissing even better than sex stuff for other people??

Update - thanks so much guys you're making me feel much better. Yes our sex life is amazing. Every day son haha.