So. Freaking. Miserable.

Brittany • November 2016 momma to a beautiful baby girl!
Had my 39 week appointment today and I thought for sure with all the pain I've been in, all the contractions I'm feeling and having bloody discharge last night and this morning that I would for sure be more progressed today. NOPE. Still only 1/2 a cm and 50% 😔 I am so insanely miserable. My back is killing me and I'm cramping and contracting all the time and I'm worried that with me STILL being a 1/2 cm (for the last five weeks) that I'm not going to progress like I should. Doc at least said he can feel her head but that my cervix is behind it. Was anyone this way and still went on to have a successful vaginal birth? I'm also feeling super freaking emotional, I just want to cry - the end is the most frustrating time! *end rant*