why does my date hate me

Every time something in my house goes wrong or there's something where it shouldn't be my dad blames me. Even when it couldn't possibly be me he blames me for it. I'm tired of it. Today my sister spilled my lemonade on the floor while she was emptying the dishwasher. My dad yelled at me to do it but I was writing a lab report for my IB biology class so I told him no and to have my brother do it (who doesn't do anything besides mow the lawn and that's only if he gets paid) and he said no I told you to do it and my sister volunteered. So as she's emptying out the dishwasher she spills my lemonade and my dad instantly starts screaming at me saying it's my fault. Even when I was across the room doing homework. So I start cleaning up and he's screaming at me to do it faster or his floors will get sticky (even know those floors were mostly paid for by my moms job since he can't get a decent job) and he's going off on me saying I never do anything around the house despite me making dinner for the whole family tons of times. As I'm cleaning he thinks I'm not going fast enough and calls me useless... I grip my flat to stop myself from crying and I quickly finish drying and go to the bathroom to pretend I'm using it when really I'm trying to cry silently. I'm getting so fucking tired of him blaming me for everything. And to people who say he's just stressed, he also non stop makes fun of how fast I talk while babbling rudely back and makes fun of my stuttering by rudely mimicking it back. I'm sick and tired of him always targeting me. He's completely nice to my brother and sister but he can't stand me apparently even though I'm holding straight A's, never get in trouble at school or anything.