update on miscarriage (long)


Hi ladies, it's about 4 am in Arizona right now and I can't sleep. Yesterday we drove to the hospital to have our D&C and scope of my right Fallopian tube. Come to find out I had a tubal pregnancy ontop of our 8week fetus and a ruptured cysts. This was the first case my doctor had seen in her 19 years of practice and it only happens in 1 of 300 pregnancies. The fetus that was in my tube was just as far along. Ferternal twins. My right tube ruptured and they were unable to save it, luckley they were able to save my ovary so hormones should stay the same. 

Before I told my parents we were pregnant, so the end of October. My mom called me and told me she had cracked three eggs at at work. We are superstitious and come from a Hispanic background, the three eggs she cracked were all double yolks...each. Three! To us this can mean conception, twins and/or death. I had become pregnant the week prior(and unbenoinced to me I was pregnant with twins). My dad knew it was twins, "You have two babies in there, eggs are never wrong" And the week following my grandfather passed away. Three double yolk eggs and three outcomes. Then this following Friday she cracked another double yolk, predicting the death of my babies. I find it amusing how accurate old wife's tails can be. 

Sunday is when my tube ruptured, cyst burst, and our baby's heart stopped beating. But we all know the pregnancy wouldn't have survived due to the tubal pregnancy.  So now I am sleeping in the recliner in our living room crying about my babies and my tube being taken. I wanted to share my story with people who might understand better than others. And the pain meds they gave me make loopy, so I apologize if this is long and doesn't make a lot of sense. 

Yesterday my sweet mother came over to help out. She told me that when she called my aunt, her sister, to tell her about everything, she told my mom about a dream she had Sunday night. My grandmother passed away three years ago, my aunt had a dream about her rocking a baby. She couldn't figure out why her mom was rocking a baby and asked my mom and she told my aunt about everything. My heart sank and grew happy all at the same time. As I said before we are superstitious, my  Grandmother had my baby(s).  On the way home from the hospital yesterday I asked my husband if our babies were in heaven, looks like my grandma had already told my aunt they were. ❤️for some reason that makes me so comforted to know they are being taken care of. 

To everyone expecting ttc or just a parent of children in heaven like mine. I pray for you and wish you all the luck in the world. Thank you for reading, this is a great community.