mite get my tubes cut and burned after baby#3

When I first got pregnant I was against getting my tubes tied because I didn't want to come to terms that this would be my last baby and last pregnancy and it's still hard to admit it because I always wanted a lot of kids because I'm 1 of 8 kids so I wanted a big family. But after dealing with my 4 year old starting school and acting out and haveing a 1 year old and being pregnant again with my 3rd baby I don't know if I can handle any more my patients are always on edge and I feel overwhelmed a lot part of me feels like it's just because my hormones are all messed up due to my pregnancy. I just feel like I'm about to lose my shit. My kids will not listen my 4 year old tries to fight me when I tell her to do something or to go to her room and my husband is no help at all. I never used to be like this I was so calm and ready to handle anything. I'm overwhelmed and frustrated.