could I be pregnant?

I have asked this before but I'm still curious... So I have been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms and was curious if I possibly could be pregnant? My last period was at the beginning of this month and it only lasted 2 to 3 days and it was very short and light which is not usual for me. Then a couple days later I was spotting and it was very dark and unusual. I have had super bad back and stomach/ abdominal cramps. Also I have been feeling super sick to my stomach and last night I couldn't sleep or get comfortable because I felt so neausous. I have had headaches and been having hot flashes every once in a while. I also have had moments where I get super dizzy and feel like I'm going to pass it and my eyes are glazed and I just feel super light headed. I've also had heartburn and sharp pains once in a while. But I have taken a test today and it was negative and I took one last week which was also negative?!? Maybe it's too early to test? I just need answers!!