ex boy problems

so over a year ago i was seeing this guy but it ended after 3 months. shortly after he messaged me again but i was in a relationship so i never pursued it. he however kept drunk dialling me every time he was out, told me his missed and loved me etc but then wouldn't when he was sober. after i broke up with my ex he started asking to see me again so i said i would as soon as my exams were done. they finished and i messaged him but he kept ignoring me- then found out he was back with a girl he used to see. a good 8 months or so on from then and he's still in a relationship with her. he recently drunk dialled me again about a month ago but brushed me off when i asked about it. i'm really starting to miss him and i do wish i saw him sooner and gave it another ago so you could say i'm pretty jealous. i just can't work out what his look on it is, why would he act like that? i texted him today actling like it was an accident as an excuse (oops) and he was chatty until i said i got the wrong number (was meant to be another boy) ? is there something still here?:( e