How long....

Were you engaged before you started planning for a wedding? I just got engaged on Sunday and everyone keeps asking when the wedding is. Honestly, I haven't even thought about wedding planning. But maybe it was hard to think about it because 6 hours later I got a call from my best friend saying she and her husband and daughter were in a bad car accident and I have been so focused on taking care of them and making sure they are comfortable and have everything they need and taking them to the doctor appointments. But now that she has been cleared to drive they don't need me as much and we are now getting the chance to share the good news of our engagement. 
My engagement ring which was sent in to be sized since my fiancé didn't want to wait two more weeks to propose once it was sized. I thought I would just enjoy the engagement for awhile before beginning the chaotic wedding planning. So again, when did all of you start to plan your wedding after being engaged?